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Our Pledge

to the planet

Our Pledge

Our Pledge

Clean Sources & Materials

Our Diamonds

We offer two diamond options - Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Recycled Diamonds.

Our Lab Grown Diamonds are sourced from producers who are using clean energy to create their eco-friendly cultivated diamonds.
Like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds can vary in their quality and value. High quality lab diamonds are much more expensive to produce, trade at higher prices in the wholesale market. Low quality lab grown diamonds, can have visible imperfections as brown or pink tint.
Additionally they are subject to crystal flaw.
Those low quality grown diamonds usually finish on E-commerce platforms.

Our natural recycled diamonds are pre-loved stones that we have personally sourced from estate and private sales. These diamonds are natural diamonds, however must have been in the seller's possession for over several years, thus not recently mined.

Our Fine Metals

All of our jewelry is crafted with fair mined or recycled gold.

Our packaging

We package our items in the most sustainable options available. This includes compostable boxes, stickers and labels made from recycled materials.