Custom Engagement Rings

Maison Rene was inspired by my father Rene. An unique dealer full of love and stories...

Maison Rene started in Menton, the pearl of France, set between the mountains and the Mediterranean.

At Maison Rene, we are dedicated to provide a unique luxury experience of the French savoir-faire by creating simple and timeless Jewelry into long lasting memories...

With your direction and our expertise, we create custom engagement rings and wedding band that welcome your involvement throughout the process.

Our direct access to diamonds, incorporated with our ultra-low overhead and custom manufacturing, allow us to provide you with the finest quality and prices we pride ourselves on.

A man...

With a Vision

My name is Adam's Achour, son of Rene. Having started my career in the luxury industry, I decided to embrace the path of a diamond dealer.

After a decade on the road, it was time for me to the share the best of both worlds that l've encountered - an exceptional, high-end experience that is also backed by the highest quality of diamonds and craftsmanship.

By leveraging my knowledge and expertise in the diamond industry, I can offer engagement rings and jewelry that are of the highest quality while still being affordable for my clients.

At Maison Rene, we want you to feel like you are part of our family. Enjoy our relaxed and friendly approach. Sip on a beverage and chat with me and my team about your dream engagement ring or jewelry.